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Night at the Orchestra

Night at the Orchestra is an interactive, youth led instrument petting zoo. Within this workshop, students are led around the room and introduced to each instrument family in the orchestra. Each instrument is represented by a young volunteer musician with the passion for teaching and music. In this workshop students are able to listen and observe each instrument while also learning fun facts along the way. After being introduced to each instrument, students are then able to watch a performance by the entire orchestra and participate in the music making through singing along. The mission of this workshop is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about instruments in a new, interactive and inspiring way.



Generation Music introduced our Mini Masterclasses with the idea of focusing young minds to the sounds and visuals of orchestral instruments. We believe that musical exposure should start from a young age where encouragement to play an instrument begins. Within this workshop, students are able to have a one-on-one presentation of each orchestral instrument led by a guest musician. Students are also provided a small instrument, similar to the one they are learning about, to participate in the masterclass and play along with the musician. In addition to this, students have the opportunity to take turns playing and touching the instrument as well as completing an instrument coloring worksheet while listening to a performance by the masterclass leader. 


General Music Lessons

The main core of our program are our General Music Lessons. There are a total of four lessons and more developing. Each lesson is specifically catered to age, community and grade level. In these lessons, students are introduced to basic music theory, such as bass and treble clef, and music history. Each lesson is reinforced with an activity or worksheet.  In addition to this, we have created lessons surrounding interactive pieces such as, Peter and The Wolf , by Sergei Prokofiev. In these lessons specifically, students are introduced to the instrument family through a story narrated by music with each character represented by different instruments. Through our lessons students are able to bridge the gap between knowing orchestral pieces and knowing both the piece and the name. Students are also able to identify notes on the treble and bass clef staff and have a basic understanding of different eras of orchestral music. 

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