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Our Mission

Generation Music is a Philadelphia non-profit dedicated to providing music education to underrepresented students to help build music literacy and give access to instrumental instruction

Mission, Vision, and History: Headliner

Our ​Vision

Through our interactive workshops, lessons, and after school programs, students--no matter their background--will have access to music education.

Mission, Vision, and History: Headliner

Our History

     As previous students of the Philadelphia public school system, best friends Chloe and Claire understand the importance of music education and the benefits that come along with exposing young people to quality music education. Chloe and Claire both started playing their instruments when they were in middle school, met as freshmen in high school, and together created an organization that aims to educate the next generation.

After noticing that the School District of Philadelphia did not have music programs in all of its schools, Chloe and Claire created Generation Music in 2018 to provide the similar opportunities that they were given with an emphasis of exposing, encouraging, and diversifying music starting with their hometown. Generation Music prides itself being completely youth driven from its founders to volunteers and instructors!

  COVID-19 has presented many challenges for all and has exposed us to a new way of learning. Generation Music has incorporated hybrid learning to continue reaching students both in the classroom and virtually to ensure that we can still provide an outlet for students wanting to learn about music. We are excited to announce that we have started a Youtube channel called Generation Music Plus. Our goal for this channel is to create content that continues to teach students about the many instruments used in ensembles, recording our classroom lessons, and showcasing mini-masterclasses to make them accessible to watch outside of a classroom setting.

Mission, Vision, and History: Headliner
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