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Educating The Next Generation

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Who We Are

Generation Music founders, Claire Casanova and Chloe Cooper emerging professionals in Music Education and Entrepreneurship, both have a passion for music and noticed the overwhelming demand for innovative arts education in the School District of Philadelphia. The two decided to create Generation Music because they wanted children to have the same opportunities as they did growing up with music and learning their instruments through their schools' music programs.

By visiting schools across the city of Philadelphia, Chloe and Claire have created workshops for students to easily understand the basics of music in a way that is relevant in today's society. The workshops we offer are:

  • Night at the Orchestra ​

~An instrument petting zoo

  • Mini-Masterclasses

~Masterclasses for the young musician

  • General Music lessons

~Students are introduced to basic music theory, such as bass and treble clef, and music history

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Donate Today!

As we continue to expand our reach, your donation will help broaden our budget towards instrument purchases, teaching artist pay, student field trips, and classroom supplies.

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A Community Message from Cofounders, Chloe Cooper and Claire Casanova

It saddens us that we are currently facing a time in our lives were we still have to fight for basic human rights. It saddens us knowing that ourselves and the students we have taught face systematic injustices. Our day to day interactions with Black youth and students of color is who we are, and we want them to be able to live in a world where they can exist without being judged purely off of their skin color. 

We stand with the Black community. We oppose injustice, cruelty, and systemic racism in all its forms. Generation Music has and always will undoubtedly support our Black students, volunteers, team members, partners, and musicians. It’s hard to watch our city be torn against itself in the same neighborhoods that we try to make a difference in, but please know that your voice is heard. You matter. You are heard. We ask that everyone during this time to please stay safe whether you are at home or protesting.

We know that music unites and brings people together, but we feel that in this instance it is not enough. Instead, we encourage you to join us in sharing and supporting any resources that can help make a change in our society and give us a new reality. Together, our voices can be heard. We will get through this together.

These links can be found by clicking here 💙

With much love,

Chloe Cooper & Claire Casanova, Cofounders 

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"A great community based effort that brings music to public schools. Brava ladies!"

Adrienne Cooper-Ewing

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